Compare New Seasons Market to other Mercer Island region stores


State and county food safety authorities report more violations per inspections at New Seasons Market’s stores, up to 5.75 times more violations per inspection than other Mercer Island region stores such as Mercer Island QFCs, PCC and Metropolitan Market.

  • ufcw-table-3Over the last five years the Oregon Department of Agriculture—the agency responsible for enforcing retail food safety rules in Oregon– found 394 violations of the food safety code in inspections of 14 New Seasons Market stores and another 14 violations in the chain’s Central Kitchen, for a total of 408 violations. (Source: Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) public records request, inspections of New Seasons Market, September 12, 2011 – September 20, 2016.)
  • Nearly half of the violations (174) found in New Seasons Market’s facilities fell into the two most serious categories of violation: violations with a direct relation to foodborne illness, or failure to follow foodborne illness prevention procedures.
  • Inspectors found rat infestations at three stores–including one infestation that apparently persisted for over a year–and found fly infestations at four stores.
  • Oregon inspectors invoked the need to seize or embargo products that were contaminated, adulterated or compromised by conditions in New Seasons Market’s stores 10 times.

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