Disease-spreading rats, vermin, found at New Seasons Markets

Inspectors and shoppers report disease-spreading rats and other vermin at New Seasons Market’s stores. In fact, in Oregon inspectors found rat infestations at multiple New Seasons Market grocery stores –including one infestation that apparently persisted for over a year–and found fly infestations at four stores. Due in part to rat and fly infestations, ODA inspectors invoked the need to seize or embargo products that were contaminated, adulterated or compromised by conditions in New Seasons Market’s stores 10 times, including:

  • ratsRat droppings: New Season Market LLC struggled with rat infestations at its Hawthorne store for over a year and a half, from 2012 to 2014. Inspectors seized products contaminated by rodent droppings 2012, issued a “sanitation warning” after finding rodent droppings in several locations of the store in 2013, and reported rats and mice trapped in and around the store in early 2014. (Sources: ODA “agreement for disposition of products”, July 23, 2012; ODA inspections of Hawthorne NSM, August 23, 2013, August 29, 2013, February 21, 2014.)
  • Rat nests: At New Seasons Market LLC’s store at 7 Corners in Portland in 2015 inspectors found “reasonable measures [were] not taken to protect against the entrance, breeding or presence of vermin [flies],” and in 2013 inspectors noted that “there is evidence of a rat presence outside the building (sightings and a burrow area). (Source: ODA inspection of 7 Corners NSM, March 26, 2013.)
  • Vermin infestations: At New Seasons Market LLC’s store in Beaverton, a delivery driver reported to Oregon Department of Agriculture on February 12. 2015 that they saw “multiple rats” in the store’s delivery area due to open containers of food waste/compost behind the store, the “accumulation of debris” was confirmed by inspectors. A separate ODA inspection found “one dozen flies in …the pastry area.” (Source:  ODA inspection of Raleigh Hills NSM, June 17, 2013.)

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